Tuesday, March 1, 2011


3 Yards of Fabric
The sun must be shining and Happy Spring is on its way, we have decided to extend our giveaway!
1 Yard of Fabric
1 Yard of Fabric
Thanks for all of the comments and new followers , such inspirational ways to Beat the Winter Blues.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beating the Winter Blues Giveaway

With snow up to my windows, I am feeling a little bit of cabin fever coming on. What better way to beat the winter blues than by having a

3 Yard Fabric Giveaway!

To enter in our giveaway, post a comment describing how
you beat the winter blues.
Winner will be selected by random drawing.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jean Jean Vintage

Emily, shop owner of Jean Jean Vintage is the featured seller on Etsy, she seems very nice.
I am Lovin' her stunning collection of Vintage Jewelry. If you haven't seen you should.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hat starts with........H

My soon-to-be four year old and I have been learning a new letter each week during our almost daily preschool session (about 30 min to 1 hour). We also do art projects and brush up on our shapes and colors. It is fun and he looks forward to it most of the time. He has asked once "may I be excused", which only made me smile and realize maybe I should make our little "school sessions" more exciting.

This week it is the Happy Hippo letter H! I use a Preschool Workbook by Mead, which has worksheets for letters, sounds, colors, shapes, sizes, art, early math, and more. Today after we practiced writing our Hs, I brought a bag full of different Hats and let him try them on and look into a small mirror, he thought is was Hilarious. For our art project, we made a chef Hat and he painted a pizza that I drew on cardstock (I later thought a hamburger would have been a better choice afterall it starts withhhh ____).

Leah really should be writing this post, she is the school teacher of the family and has done some really terrific preschool sessions with her daughter and cousins(my son included). She is currently tending to a new beautiful baby girl who decided to come a month early. They are both doing wonderful. Since she is a tad busy, here are a few things I have learned.

1. Prepare yourself ahead of time, pick out worksheet and gather supplies before you begin. I do some brainstorming the night before.

2. Choose the best time of the day, mornings seem to be the best time for him and I try to do it while my baby( who is almost one now, wowzers!) is taking a nap. If he is awake he is a good marker snatcher.

3. Break up your activities, move around the room if possible for different activities.

4. Review, review, review. I might ask him, "Ok, before we start painting can you tell me what letter we are learning?"

5. Be flexible and don't stress over it!

Our SNOW DAY "no preschool" haha!
We did tromp the letter G in the snow and make snow angels in it.

Ok you super MOMS and other awesome ladies and gents. Share with us your ideas for working with the kiddos, wee ones, rugrats...you get the idea. We want to hear!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ring by QA CREATE

I hit my 100th sale over at VINTAGE PICKINS today!

To celebrate I am offering 10% off through Dec. 5th.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Deer...

I am a tad late on announcing the winner of the Vintage Deer Antler Mount...my excuse, Halloween Festivities, does that count?
Here is my proof!

My sleepy little 9 month old Deer. Hat by Hip Chick Crochet.

My cutest ever little Cowboy Woody.
I made his vest and holster (first time sewing leather) and dyed a white shirt yellow.

Congrats Knack. I love your blog and your amazing work.

Cute but can be ornery!

Anyone who entered the drawing gets 20% off anything in the shop...good through the end of the year. Send me a convo or enter antlers20 in the notes to seller and
I will issue you a refund.