Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Color Inspriration - Handpicked Daisies in Lake

Featuring Joel Dewberry's
Handpicked Daisies in Lake
Modern Meadow Collection
Navy Pillow with White Embroidered Reef via KainKain
Maria Necklace via Phoebe's Attic
China Plate Pendant via Keetsa
Rain boots via Good House Keeping
Bowling Ball and Pins via Green Bee Goods
Satin Clutch via FIAZOO
Hand Picked Daises in Lake via The Fabric Market

Friday, May 14, 2010


These little guys are so easy and fun to make.
They would be perfect for a tween/teen craft project.
Mod Podge (matte finish)
Small Paint Brush
Fabric Scraps
Clear Glass Rocks *clear is best, not pearl or colored
Round Magnets

Step 1: Turn the right side of fabric down and trace around your glass rock with your pen.

Step 2: Cut out each circle on the inside of the pen line so it doesn't show.

*Just a note, if you are using a fabric with a fun pattern you may consider placing the graphic in the center of your circle, as shown above.

Step 3: Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the front of your cut-out. Next press the cut-out onto the back side of your glass rock.

Step 4: Once your fabric is placed on the back, apply a generous amount of Modge Podge to the back.

Step 5: Apply the magnet while the Mod Podge is still wet. Allow to dry 24 hours face down (magnet side up)

Your image may appear blurry, but no worries, once the mod podge is dry it will be clear. You can also use a damp cloth to remove any excess modge podge that may be on the front or side of the rock.

Step 6: Complete. Find a spot to put your really cute magnets or give them away as a gift.
* You don't have to use fabric, you can use scrapbook paper, sheet music, old books, or print words/initials on paper...have fun.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Dear...

{Our mother when she was a teenager in Brazil}

Today is Mother's Day...what a special day. I always wanted to be a mother and a good one too. I would say, that motherhood is a tough job, but one that is noble and right. Often times I feel I fall short as a Mother, but am always willing to try a little harder. I know the work I am doing as a mother has great influence and that influence is power.

I feel blessed or "we" I should say, (because I know Leah would say the same) to have such a strong and lovely Mother. I love her because she does so much good, has always expressed her talents and creativity and is always willing to learn new things and I know she loves us.

Victor Hugo is attributed to saying

"She broke the bread into two fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness. She hath kept none for herself, ' grumbled the sergeant.

" 'Because she is not hungry,' said a soldier.

" No, 'said the sergeant, 'because she is a mother.' "

Happy Mother's Day to everyone...we all can impact the lives of the little ones.

P.S. We want to welcome all our new followers from see our mother is Brazilian and lived there until she fell in love with our dad and moved to the U.S. Beijos! Thanks Anna.


xoxo Erica

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fabric Wall Art

We decided at the last minute to whip up some Fabric Canvas Wall Art as a donation for a literacy fundraiser. We thought they turned out pretty cute...the pictures don't express their total cuteness.

The top canvas was covered in Riley Blake's Summer Song Orange Stripe fabric. We added a vinyl bird(which could also be painted) that mimicked the bird found in Riley Blake's Summer Song Trees in White fabric shown on the lower canvas.

You can find instructions here of how to make a fabric covered canvas with a painted silhouette. They are so fun and easy to make.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Color Inspiration - Greenalicious

Toadstool necklace via block party press

Green tea scarf via Shop Ruche

Gathering Point Top via DOWNEAST basics

Jump, sewn painting via tastes orangey

Sparkly dot necklace via Tonya Utkina

Iphone sleeve apple core via squirrellicious

apple green modern wall clock via uncommon

Featuring Joel Dewberry's
Napsack in Grass via The Fabric Market