Wednesday, December 1, 2010


ring by QA CREATE

I hit my 100th sale over at VINTAGE PICKINS today!

To celebrate I am offering 10% off through Dec. 5th.

Enter hit100sales at the checkout!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Deer...

I am a tad late on announcing the winner of the Vintage Deer Antler excuse, Halloween Festivities, does that count?
Here is my proof!

My sleepy little 9 month old Deer. Hat by Hip Chick Crochet.

My cutest ever little Cowboy Woody.
I made his vest and holster (first time sewing leather) and dyed a white shirt yellow.

Congrats Knack. I love your blog and your amazing work.

Cute but can be ornery!

Anyone who entered the drawing gets 20% off anything in the shop...good through the end of the year. Send me a convo or enter antlers20 in the notes to seller and
I will issue you a refund.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Woodland Fall Giveaway....CLOSED

Vintage Deer Antler Mount
I found this vintage find in a quaint little shop in a quaint little town nestled among the Oklahoma Prairie.

Lately, I have seen these floating around the Etsy world as well as in
home decor magazines. A nice woodland fall feel.
Prices around $45+

How to enter.
1. Visit Vintage Pickins' and tell us your favorite Vintage Pick by leaving a comment
2. Leave a comment letting us know you are a follower or become a new follower.

Giveaway ends 10/25/2010
Winner will be announced on 10/26/2010

Good "Buck" to you! {cheesy i know}

Giveaway for U.S. residents only

Color Inspiration - Majestic Autumn

Joel Dewberry's' Modern Meadow Collection
Featuring Majestic Oak in TimberVintage Military Light
All items can be viewed at Vintage Pickins

New Fall Fabrics

Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow Collection
Majestic Oak in Timber Flower Fields in Timber Picnic Plaid in Pond
Acorn Chain in Pond
Dogwood Bloom in Pond

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sold to the Absentee Bidder...

Kodak Eastman Box Camera
Long before the days of Digital.

Vintage Cast Iron Receipt Spike
This was tucked in one of the boxes and was a nice little surprise.

I recently attended my first auction...wait, scratch that, I have actually been to two other auctions that I remember both with my dad. The first auction my dad purchased two horses, one was a mare that my sister and I later got bucked off. She actually was a sweet horse, just a little squirrely on occasion, don't we all get a little squirrely on occasion? The second auction I attended, my dad bought my older brother and sister a car, which was also know as the "tank" aka a huge granny car that was really safe LOL! So really this was my third auction, first auction as the buyer.

I went with my dad and brought along my best helper, my three year old little boy. He fit right in and would stand there with the old men and silently watch an old vacuum cleaner sell for a couple bucks. Auctions are so funny, people just stand around and watch to see what an old chain, a box of what not, or an old moped might bring...the moped was cute and purple by the way.

I had already picked out a couple boxes that I wanted to bid on, but I could tell it was gonna be awhile. I knew my chubby nursing baby at home would be getting I decided to place an absentee bid on four boxes/collections and wait until the morning. I scored three of the four bids that I placed and was so excited. Lets just say I look forward to my next auction.

Hilton Hotel Silver Plate Cake Stand

I immediately saw this cake stand and LOVE IT, then i fell in love more when I noticed Hilton Hotels engraved on the bottom. How the heck it ended up at an auction, I do not know...could it have been accidentally placed in some one's suitcase and then stored in someones home for years?

Elegant Silver Plate Candle Holder
I have more Silver coming...

Friday, August 27, 2010


I just love a glass Milk Bottle.

Although we don't receive fresh milk in a bottle on our doorstep anymore, their charm still remains. Some uses for Milk Bottles...vase for long stemmed flowers (my favorite), marble, coin or small trinket storage, when cleaned really well as a pitcher of lemonade, and of course home decor just as they simply are.

all Milk Bottles on SALE



this weekend only

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Rooster Crows...

{yes, we use a paint can to prop the door open}

The Yellow unknown is a ROOSTER!
A big and Handsome Rooster.

We only had two brave participants who took a guess, so they both will receive
1 yard of Free Fabric. Oh, Yeah!

***Winners, if you haven't received an email from us,
please send us your address and fabric choice.


Friday, August 6, 2010

SO open

The Fabric Market is now offering Vintage wares

Go check them out at

Vintage Pickins'

Monday, July 26, 2010

cHiCkEn FaRmErS, yes we are...

So back in April, Leah and I thought it would be fun to be chicken owners and of course our children would be our fine partners.

We remembered having chickens as tweens and just knew our kids would love it as much as we did.
The day arrived, we hauled two toddlers and a baby to the first feedstore, no luck all out of chickens, dang! So to the second store we headed, SCORE...we left with six brown hens, six black speckled hens and two unknowns that were yellow.

They were so cute!

This little chicken farmer named his black speckled hen, Chloe.

Yes, Chloe survived.

This little chicken farmer named her yellow "unknown" Chick, Chick.

We nurtured and cared for our little chicks and also prepared the chicken coop, located in our parents barn. We think it is a five star coop :). Needless to say, the chickens grew rapidly and eventually made their way into the new coop.

We were so eager to receive our first egg from our once finally arrived small and cute like they were when they were babies.

{The big eggs are from some hens we adopted from friends and the little eggs are from our baby chicks...not so baby anymore}


SO CAN YOU GUESS IF CHICK, CHICK (the yellow unknown) IS A

take a guess, maybe it will qualify you for a little sumpin', sumpin'
{{{{ like free fabric }}}}

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Color Inspiration: Big, Bold & Beautiful

Michael Miller
Laura Gunn's Poppy Collection
Featuring Poppy in Spice Poppy Necklace via Summer Romance
Buttons via Briana Bryant
Autumn Tree via Alicia Bock Photography
Vintage Kitchen Scales via Living the Sweet Life
Vintage Shoes via Sneaker Files
Aquarium Decor via Squidoo
Earrings via Modern Elagance
Poppy in Spice Fabric via The Fabric Market

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Etsy Inspiration

When I am feeling a little low on creative juices, I am sure to always find inspiration from the awesomely talents artists on Etsy.

A few inspiring shops that I came across, who I am sure love fabric as much as I do.
I didn't asked them, but surely they have to love it by the looks of their lovely handmade items

Wristlet - Bags by Colette

shown in Michael Miller, Eden in Amber

lovely detail, pleated front so cute

Meera Bag - Hypernoodle

shown in Michael Miller, Emmaline in Toffee

captivating, love it paired with the aqua polka dot

Little Cars Roll Up - Fuzzy Wuzzy Boutique

shown in Riley Blake, Large Cars in Blue

how fun to tuck your favorite hot wheels into a little pocket and take them with you

Deer Valley Pleated Bag - A Touch of Stardust

shown in Architectural in Sky

just stunning, I have actually ordered a bag for my Mom from A Touch of Stardust, they are beautifully made

looks like a piece of art

Birthday Boy T-Shirt - three sweets

shown in Riley Blake, Wheels in Brown

so cute for a Special Birthday Boy...check out all her designs for girls too

sure to cause a fuss, a good fuss that is...can't you see a cute little girl prancing around in this

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drip, Drop, Drip

It has been raining a lot here. Has it been raining your way?
It makes me wish all the fabric we ordered would trickle in and brighten things up.
Soon very soon...we will keep you posted on the new arrivals.

Have a splashy day!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sewing like the Wind

"Sew, Sew like the Wind Grandma..."{The Three Amigos}
I am attempting to sew like the wind before I head to my sister's house who has a new baby girl on the way.
The sewing list for my sister who doesn't sew,
which means, more fun for me.
1. Babydoll blanket for my cute niece. I used random scraps pieced together and a white knit for the back. She is gonna love all the fun prints...she is that kinda girl.
Need scraps look no further - scrap packs.
2. Baby blanket for new baby girl. Art Gallery's Lime Flowery Trellis and Poetry Dangling Ovals.
3. Playroom curtains with ribbon ties. Can't wait to see them hanging.
4. Curtains for dinning room. (not sure on fabric yet)
5. Curtains for newly remodeled bathroom. (not sure on fabric yet)
6. Plus recover her dining chairs (not sure on fabric yet)
Speaking of babies, this little guy is almost 4 months.
Yes, 4 months!
He is so delightful, yummy, cozy, squishy, smiley, and on, and on, and on.... Can you tell I wouldn't mind eating him.

{baby "j" with his gator friend}

wish me luck, Erica