Friday, November 27, 2009

Share with us...

Handmade gifts are the BEST!

It is always a treat to receive a thoughtful handmade gift for the holidays...anything from a handmade card, tasty truffles, or a carefully sewn quilt. So all you creative peeps, share with us what handmade projects you have in the works or have completed. We would love to share your projects on our blog, after all tis the season for sharing.

So leave a comment with a link to your item, blog, or email pictures to so we can take a look. We will then pick our favorites and post them on our blog during the month of December, we may even throw in a little giveaway for your participation...hint, hint.


  1. I LOVE making gifts for Christmas! They may not be the best, but there's love made with each and every one:)

  2. This year I am making almost all my gifts. Here is a link to a little bear I made for my Mom. I gave it to her early, but it's a Christmas gift all the same :D

  3. I made a buttercup bag and finished a quilt so far. I'm working on finishing two other quilts and possibly an apron. I have to start sooner next year!