Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sewing Tip of the Month - Choosing the Right Pin

Pins, Pins, and more Pins

Such a small instrument with a very big job to do. How many different pins do you have in your pin cushion? According to the magazine Threads each pin has its own purpose.

Pins and Their Purposes
  • Flat: This pin may be pressed with iron, and is good for handwork because the thread does not get caught on it.
  • Plastic: These are ball-shaped and come in different colors and sizes, very easy to spot laying against fabric. Plastic pins also come in flower shapes which are good for lace, eylet and loose weaves.
  • Glass: Ball-shaped and will not melt when pressed against iron, whereas plastic pins may melt.
  • T-Pin: Used to hold heavy upholstery and outdoor fabrics.
  • Fork: Allows you to pin without lifting fabrics.
  • Glow in the Dark: If you drop the pin, turn the lights out to find it. No more finding them with pain.
  • Tidy: Created to secure doilies, slipcovers to furniture.
  • Pleating: This pin is 1 inch long allowing you to pin out perfect pleats.
  • Twist: This pin is created to hold slipovers and mattress pads in place.
The above information and pictures have been compiled from Threads.

Creative Pin Cushions
Apple pin cushion via Heather Bailey
Thread Topper pin cushion via Love Laurie
Cupcake pin cushion via Yifatiii's Sweets & Treats
Flower Power pin cushion via Gale Quilts
Happy Forest Friends pin Cushion via Pinks & Needles
Henrietta Turtle pin cushion via Heather Bailey

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