Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewing Tip of the Month - Pinking Shears

Photo via Fotothing

According to Apparel Search the cut produced by pinking shears has given it's name to "pinks", hardy carnations named for their petals "pinked edges". The color pink was then named after these flowers.

photo via Heritance

A Few Tips About Using Pinking Shears

  • Before pre-shrinking your fabric cut the edges of your fabric with pinking shears. This prevents the fabric from fraying in the wash.

  • KarmenG at Pattern Review gave this great tip: " When trimming various seams and inner construction, use pinking shears to remove excess fabric. This method softens the edges and eliminates a straight line impression should you over press or your fabric is somewhat shear".

Excited to use your pinking shears?

We are too! Here is a great craft found at Craftzine to get you started.

Click on the link for full instructions.


Feel free to share ways you use your pinking shears!

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