Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Treat For Your Nose

Nestled on a quiet street in Waurika, Oklahoma sets a store that could be used as an old western movie prop. Inside
Small Town Creations I was greeted by a warm smile and a friendly Southern "hello". This quaint little store is home to, in my opinion, some of the best smelling candles.
Get ready for your nose to dance with scents like, Buttery Toffee, Creme Brulee, Dreamcicle, Fresh Cut Roses, Fresh Linen, Country Clothesline, Downy Mountain Spring, Pomegranate, Plumeria, and much, much more.

Each candle is hand poured to perfection. Being cautious of the environment after your candle has burnt, bring your jar back to
Small Town Creations and they will pour your favorite scent for a small price per ounce.

I am lucky enough to have a sister that lives in the area, so when I go visit my nose gets to twitching. I can't leave without stocking up.

The Younger Fabric Picker

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