Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sold to the Absentee Bidder...

Kodak Eastman Box Camera
Long before the days of Digital.

Vintage Cast Iron Receipt Spike
This was tucked in one of the boxes and was a nice little surprise.

I recently attended my first auction...wait, scratch that, I have actually been to two other auctions that I remember both with my dad. The first auction my dad purchased two horses, one was a mare that my sister and I later got bucked off. She actually was a sweet horse, just a little squirrely on occasion, don't we all get a little squirrely on occasion? The second auction I attended, my dad bought my older brother and sister a car, which was also know as the "tank" aka a huge granny car that was really safe LOL! So really this was my third auction, first auction as the buyer.

I went with my dad and brought along my best helper, my three year old little boy. He fit right in and would stand there with the old men and silently watch an old vacuum cleaner sell for a couple bucks. Auctions are so funny, people just stand around and watch to see what an old chain, a box of what not, or an old moped might bring...the moped was cute and purple by the way.

I had already picked out a couple boxes that I wanted to bid on, but I could tell it was gonna be awhile. I knew my chubby nursing baby at home would be getting I decided to place an absentee bid on four boxes/collections and wait until the morning. I scored three of the four bids that I placed and was so excited. Lets just say I look forward to my next auction.

Hilton Hotel Silver Plate Cake Stand

I immediately saw this cake stand and LOVE IT, then i fell in love more when I noticed Hilton Hotels engraved on the bottom. How the heck it ended up at an auction, I do not know...could it have been accidentally placed in some one's suitcase and then stored in someones home for years?

Elegant Silver Plate Candle Holder
I have more Silver coming...

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