Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In the Sewing Room + Girly Fabric

Hello, Erica here. Anytime my sweet little guy is in need of a present for a little girl, I pick the girliest fabric I can find, and start sewing something. The little apron above was for a little blond three year old Birthday. This the first apron I have made with a big chunky ruffle along the bottom, I normally add a smaller ruffle along the edges and a little pocket, both are cute. I used the ever darling Leann in Red and Kayla in Blush by Jennifer Paganelli...I think they are like two peas in a pod together. I used a fat quarter for the front and approx. a 1/2 yard for the back, ruffle and tie. I wouldn't mind having one in my size, perhaps my dinners might even taste a little better ;)
P.S. apparently girliest is not recognized as a word, but that's OK, I am pretty good at using words that don't really exist.


  1. So cute. When you have them, maybe you can link to a pattern you use. It's nice to see ways to use the lovely fabrics on your shop. I never thought of making an apron for a little girl's bday but it's a great idea!